Being your very best, can mean different things to different people. To some of us, it is based on our moral compass regarding charity, generosity and empathy. For others it is all about their values 
But as I say to all my clients it’s really all about “balance” and that is in the mind, body and the soul. 
During the festive season we are placed under a lot of stress and pressure, life is conducted at a fast pace and as a result the mind, body and soul are not in balance. People are driven by demand of family and friends and not by themselves. 
As a result people are starting to suffer from disorders like stress, anxiety, depression, low confidence and can be unhappy at a time when they should be their happiest. 
By connecting to yourself, you can start to harness that universal energy and nature’s wisdom and start to attract all you need to be truly happy. 
The Body 
Our bodies are amazing machines that are designed to communicate its needs, dislikes and problems through sensory perception. 
Our actions are directed towards satisfying our desires that are highlighted through the sense of sight, smell, taste, touch, and hearing. 
Our body reflects our inner self; if our mind, body and soul are in balance then our body is in balance. 
Think about this and how you can balance all this three things? 
Good clean nutrition over the festive season can really help to support your body. Ensure you eat your greens, as this really helps with the detoxification process if over loaded with sugar and alcohol. Especially those little balls of cabbages the Brussels sprout. 
The Mind 
The mind is the thought mechanism that drives our physical body to work. It works with the brain and the soul and as such determines how our bodies respond. 
It is so important for our mind to be aligned with our soul/spirit, to make decisions that feel right, to allow our bodies and actions to be guided by that source of Infinite Intelligence and wisdom that creates and drives everything in nature. Everyone deserves to be happy 
So find the time to be YOU! 
The Soul 
The soul is the core of our being. We can never experience happiness by suppressing our spirit and our soul. The mind needs to feed the soul without which life does not exist. By connecting to our inner guidance system and raising our consciousness, the mind nourishes the soul and we are able to find peace. 
The result is we become happy both inside and outside. 
How can we do this? 
• Good nutrition 
• Connect with nature 
• Make an effort with friends and family 
• Exercise and feel good about yourself 
• Find some ME TIME 
And most of all just enjoy the festive season and find the balance for YOU, the rest will follow, and perhaps a cheeky glass of wine! 
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