Windsor Wellbeing Centre run events and workshops on a range of aspects of nutrition and wellbeing which are held locally in Windsor. 
Introduction to “Stress and Sleep Management” 
Join us 3rd March 2020, 7.30pm to 9.30pm at the Tree House Cafe, Windsor 
Work getting on top of you? 
Stressing about juggling it all? 
Sleeping but waking up or just not able to sleep? 
Topics discussed: 
⦁ How the body deals with stress 
⦁ What you can do with support from nutrition and mindfulness 
⦁ Sleeping triggers and tools 
⦁ Mindful eating 
To reserve a place please email us at: 
Introduction To Menopause and Nutritional Support 
Join us on 4th February 7.30pm - 9.30pm at the Tree House Café, Windsor 
Introductory workshop discussing such topics as 
⦁ Body's hormonal infrastructure 
⦁ What and why changes occur 
⦁ Mental Health 
⦁ Nutritional and lifestyle support 
To reserve a place please email us on 
Windsor Wellbeing Centre Networking Group 
This group is for businesses in the Education of Health and Wellbeing in the local community. 
This is a new group in Windsor, to help develop, strengthen and grow your business. 
Come along and join us at the Tree House Café, in Windsor 
11th February 2020, from 7.30pm 
Connect with other local business owners and start creating new opportunities for you and your business.  
This Group is a professional networking group open to businesses of all sizes, to share and build contacts with in the local community. 
Contact us on 
‘Healthier Happier Me’ Program 
January 14th, 28th, February 11th and 25th 2020 
Introduction to programme 
Individual Nutritional Consultation 
Taking clients health measurements and readings 
Goal setting in Meditation and Mindfulness 
Each client to receive individual programme 48 Hours after session 
Group Session 
A to Z of the digestive system 
Understanding food groups 
Barriers and goals 
Individual consultation/measurements 
Meditation and Mindfulness 
Group Session 
Reading labels and portion control 
Sugar awareness 
Mindful eating 
Individual consultation/measurements 
Meditation and Mindfulness 
Group Session 
Discussing different health complications 
Dietary approaches 
Goal setting 
Individual consultation/measurements 
Meditation and Mindfulness 

How to manage the Menopause 

Windsor Wellbeing Centre are hosting a “Introduction how to manage the Menopause ” in central Windsor 26th November 2019 at The Tree House Cafe Windsor, 7.30pm. 
The menopause what can I say? I’m finding out all about it currently! 
Some women sail though the menopause without any symptoms and the only thing they notice is that their periods have stopped. Some ladies get completely drenched during the night, mood swings and other less desirable complications. 
Symptoms of the menopause do vary from women to women. A well-balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle reduces the severity of many of these symptoms and protects us against other problems associated with loss of oestrogen, such as heart disease or calcium loss from bones. 
So come and join us and see how we can how we can enable the body to adjust automatically to the hormone changes, naturally maintaining oestrogen from the adrenal glands and help reduce any unwanted fat deposits. 
If interested, please get in touch for more details  
The best action you can take to improve your own nutrition and overall wellbeing is education. Let us educate you! 
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